Tube and wire bending

Updated: 16.11.2019 15:13:11

Year: 1999

Price: €33000

Location: Spain, Girona

Machine state: used

Seller: Botelleros CMA, S.L.

Contact: Elisabeth Miró

Address: C/ Galligans s/n


+34 627 239 055

Product Description

BLM Multipla

  • Tube and wire bending machine
  • Mandrel bending machines BLM multipla bending machine with left, right and variable bending.
  • Specifications Machine Control: CNC
  • Head rotation: left-right
  • Tools included: to work with WIRE diameter 9. To work with TUBE: diameter 22.
  • Capacity working with wire: diameter 4 up to 16.
  • Capacity working with tube: diameter up to 22.
  • Manual instructions included.
  • Possibility of seeing it running.
The machine works perfectly and it's possible to see. Contact: Juan Jose Perez (+34) 638.901.289